Your Pets & Essential Oils

Breaking the illusion that Essential Oils are bad for your pets!

There is so much negative press on which essential oils are good and bad for your pets. Unfortunately a lot of the research has just not been updated in a long time, and people are still going off one bad accident that happened many years ago.

Essential oils like many things in our life need researching and testing. Would you randomly go drop a whole bottle on yourself without testing and researching it first? No. So the same goes for your pets. Most top quality single plant essential oils are fine to use on your pet, but you just need to make sure there is not anything else contained in that bottle, and it needs to be 100% essential oil only.

Always research as unfortunately many companies are legally allowed to say Organic or 100% when in fact they may only contain 1-5% of essential oil and the rest is chemicals and synthetics.
If you have ever heard of a pet dying or becoming very ill off essential oils. This is why. It is either they had synthetic essential oils used on them or the owner was uneducated and used to much essential oils.

These days we sometimes have to go with our gut as it is very hard to find a trusted brand, but please do not get deterred as they are definitely worth it for your furry friend and families health. Please view our Information tabs and “Truth on Quality” as this will provide you research on proper essential oils, and how to tell the good from the bad.

You may also give our essential oils a try or pet blends, if your gut is giving you a good feeling. 🙂