Traditional Farms by I AM

With the corporate lead suppliers integrating adulterated and low quality oils into their product volume, finding non adulterated oils requires reverting back to the smaller suppliers and small farms.  Even the legal labeling laws allow bottles stating 100% Pure Therapeutic Quality to still contain synthetic fragrances enhancers and other toxic chemicals not from traditional farming practice.  Those who have been around in the industry and see the manipulations that are happening can very often recognise the suppliers that provide high quality.

Knowledge about plants and their environment is vital in finding quality oils. In some cases vastly different quality essential oils are produced from different parts of the plant and from different climates and soil qualities around the world.  A quality supplier will provide their customers with country of origin information to assist in your pursuit of the highest quality products.  

Because of the organic certification scam and many other “games” being played at the consumer’s expense, it is vital to work with a supplier that is concerned about true quality, sustainable healthy farming, and taking care of the soil.  In some countries the organic certifications are such that many organic farms are not allowed to properly care for their soil, therefore, over time, plant quality diminishes.  Working with the small traditional farm who has long term investment incentive, who therefore takes care of the soil, the plant, and the environment is a must for true therapeutic suppliers.  

I Am Essential Oils involvement with many small traditional farms requires making advanced commitments in purchasing the herbs that are grown. Because we work with the small farmers we sell each oil produced from that farm in separate batches. You may notice slight to significant changes to the essential oils over the years as we sell these distillations. These changes in smell, taste, and therapeutic value are caused by soil and weather fluctuations.  These subtle changes will give you assurance that we are not adulterating the oils to fit some chemistry standardisation.

There is more to a truly therapeutic essential oil than just chemistry. Our commitment to the traditional farm and therapeutic quality will naturally occasionally produce essential oils that are outside the industry or chemistry standardisation attempts.  These outside the norm essential oils are often more highly therapeutic in specific beneficial areas though less therapeutic in others.   

Example: Because of soil and weather conditions, Oregano, in a specific region of Turkey regularly tests with over ninety percent Carvacrol. This oil would excel at addressing bacterial infections and lung issues but would perform poorly as a potential pain reliever.   

It is also essential to the economic viability of the natural farm to review all aspects of their products for therapeutic value and not indiscriminately dismiss one of their harvests because of chemistry. We would much rather purchase their distillation batch, as is, rather than have them adulterating the essential oil order to target a chemistry footprint.

If at any time I Am Essential Oils receives a batch of oil that is unacceptable or widely outside the norm, we do not sell this oil to our therapeutic oil customers. Any oil that is outside the norm or found to be altered is sold to manufactures, like soap and candle makers, that specifically use that type of oil. In that way I Am Essential Oils is able to focus on our long term farming projects rather than just focus on a specific season/distillation.

I Am Essential Oils provides our customers with the common name, botanical name, country of origin, and how the plant is grown. See Quality Control for more detailed information on the Therapeutic Essential Oil industry and the true standard for quality.