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Ninety capsules of 450mg each to assist body digestive support and chemical balance.

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Uses Enzymes are used to assist in: Every chemical action and reaction in the body. Overcoming sickness, maintaining vitality, weight management, longevity of life and superior health. Running all our organs, tissues, and cells. Minerals, vitamins, and hormones that need enzymes present to perform their work properly. Breaking down toxic substances so the body can eliminate them without damaging the elimination organs. The better we maintain and build up our enzyme reserves, the healthier we will be.
Benefits As we become enzyme deficient through improper diet, stress, illness, and other factors, we start to age faster. A shortage of enzymes may cause serious health problems. Because enzymes must break down food into simpler building blocks, eating only cooked foods can eventually cause enzyme exhaustion at the cellular level. This is why it is necessary to always supplement with enzymes when you eat cooked foods. Our bodies are not maintained by our food intake, but rather, by what we digest.  Cellular enzyme exhaustion lays the foundation for a weak immune system and ultimately disease. A common misconception is that vitamin and mineral supplements will make up for dietary deficiencies. The fact is, without enzymes, nothing works in the body, no matter how well formulated the supplement might be. If food is not completely digested, the body does not get the full complement of nutrients it deserves.
Precautions Extreme use of enzymes can be damaging to the body. Avoid taking more then 10 capsules a day.

Protease: Digests protein into amino acids.
Cellulase: Digests fibers from soluble sources.
Amylase: Digests complex carbohydrates.
Sucrase: Digests sugars
Maltase: Digests disaccharides to monosaccharides.
Peptidase: Breaks down Peptides into amino acids.
Bromelain: Digests protein.
Glucoamylase: Lowers cholesterol, breaks down starch from simple sugars.
Lactase: Digests lactose or dairy sugars.
Alpha-galactosidase: Digests disaccharides into glucose.
Pectinase: Digests pectin.
Xylanase: Digests plant fiber.
Lipase: Digests fats and denatured fatty oils.
Invertase: Digests sugars.

(1 month supply)

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