I Am labels are simplistic, fully transparent and designed for a no label look.  Customers are more able to see product levels during use, with full transparency.  Lid  labels are designed for ease of  identification when stored in a  padded case.


I Am Essential Oils use Cobalt Blue Bottles.  Essential oil should be stored in glass since the oils will cause most plastics to leach or breakdown over time. In the industry there is a lot of marketing hype about what type of glass bottle is best.  As a general rule you can literally put almost all essential oils in whatever glass container.  Most all the chemistry of the essential oils will not react to visible light and all bottles will absorb the ultra-violet (UV) light.  (There are some exceptions to this basic rule like German Chamomile and other blue oils that will break down under visible light.)

The following are the pros and cons for using different glass bottling:

Amber / Brown Glass: The most popular bottle for essential oils because of the low cost and high light protection. The con for using these bottles is that they can hold frequencies that can manipulate or interfere.

Cobalt Blue Glass: Not to be confused with colored blue glass, the cobalt blue glass bottles are twice the price of amber bottles, but they do not retain the energy manipulation frequencies for longer than twenty four hours.  (Unless the attached label is causing the manipulation of the energy signature.)  This eliminates the user’s need to constantly reset the oils to its natural vibration.

Clear & Green Glass: Low cost but they don’t protect the essential oils that are affected by visible light.  They are also susceptible to energy manipulation.

Violet Glass: Offers the highest protection against visible light and they do not retain the energy manipulation frequencies.  (Unless the attached label is causing the manipulation of the energy signature.) Their high cost and lack to see the amount of oil in the bottle are the two biggest cons.

I Am Essential Oils uses Cobalt Blue Bottles because of their protection against the manipulation of the Creator’s Life Energy.  They also use small clear inserts inside the bottle to provide a built in dropper.  The insert reducers are made of a material that can withstand exposure to essential oils.  You will also find that some of the thicker oils move slower through the orifice reducers than the thinner oils.  It is not necessary to store your oils under refrigeration or in the dark.  Just keeping them out of direct sunlight is ample protocol for ensuring the long life of your healing gifts of nature.


I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to providing true therapeutic oils and herbal supplements.  Because of industry standards and legal loopholes, many potentially toxic and harmful substances are being added to natural products.  Here is the reason they do not use vegetable capsules for their supplements.

Quote: “While I was working for a company, I spoke with a representative from one of the vegetable capsule manufacturing plants I explained our mission was to provide the highest quality health supplements in the industry and we wanted our customers to take our nutritional support products daily.  After I told him what we were all about I said, ‘So we want to use the vegetable capsules so we can have the healthiest capsule for our product.’

The company representative responded, ‘You don’t want to use the veggie capsules then.’

‘Yes, we do.  I want the most cost effective, healthiest capsule available,’ I replied.

To this he stated, ‘Veggie capsules are not the healthiest.’

Somewhat confused I asked, ‘What do you mean?!’

The gentleman on the phone then proceeded to explain why vegetable capsules are not good for everyday use.  He told me that they use a carcinogenic lubricant in the manufacturing process.  Since the harmful lubricant was not an ingredient, but just a by-product in the manufacturing process, they legally did not have to list it as an ingredient or disclose its use.  He continued to explain that microscopic traces of this lubricant were left on the capsule and that if a person was using veggie capsules daily for a long period of time, the carcinogenic chemicals would build up in the body and cause some serious side effects!

After his explanation I said, ‘Well, can I get this in writing?’

To which he replied, ‘No, and I don’t even know why I’m telling you this!’

I then thanked him for his assistance and explained that I would have to go with another capsule manufacturer because we did not want trace amounts of harmful substances on our capsules.

To this the representative explained how there were only a handful of vegetable capsule manufactures in the United States and they were all manufacturing the capsules the same way.  He stated, ‘You probably won’t get another company to admit they are using the lubricant, but we are all using it because we have to in order to make the capsules.’

His best suggestion for the most cost effective alternative was to encapsulate in 100% Bovine Gelatin Capsules.  He also explained to me some expensive encapsulating alternative, but the cost would make any product outrageously expensive and not practical for everyday use.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man.

I Am Essential Oils is dedicated to the long term health of our customers and their families.  Due to vegetable capsules potentially harmful effects, they use kosher bovine gelatin capsules for encapsulating our products.