About Us

We know how painful it can be to research everything you need to know about essential oils and how hard it is to find the best quality oils for your family, beloved pets and yourself. Our site is designed to make sure you have all the correct information as well as providing you access to top quality essential oils from “I Am Essential Oils” who are a small family owned company.

We are a mother and daughter team who started out with nothing and an idea to educate as well as bring more health options to the table for personal use, your family, home and beloved pets. We specialise in all things to do with essential oils for you and your animals, so ask us anything as we love to help.

We love and are passionate about the other side to natural products and try to come from an emotional/spiritual side of everything rather then starting from the physical.

Meliss has been using essential oils for over 20 years and has studied a variety of body therapies and aromatherapy. Meliss has also had experience in the animal rescue industry for 20 years, her own Bowen therapy business, and pet store. Liza has been practicing essential oils for over 10 years, with certifications in aromatherapy and animal aromatherapy.

Our home is full of small helpers who love to test and indulge in all things Essential Oils! Benji our very chilled Maltese dog, Mickey our mischievous Himalayan X, Taylor our princess Ragdoll X, & Franklyn our river turtle all enjoy their essential oils and special blends weekly.