About I Am Essential Oils

The Founders Beginnings

Their appreciation of the natural grew from a young age living in their rural farming communities, being out in nature, and working in the home garden, as many do.  They were raised holistically and were shown to turn to nature and enjoy healthy lifestyles.  It is that upbringing which has guided them in preparing to be wise purveyors of pure unadulterated essential oils. They learned that it is their stewardship to be a part of caring for and sharing nature’s gifts with others.

The Company

For years they have been using and sharing herbs, teas, and essential oils among their family and immediate friends. Passing along the folklore and tradition of natural plants  to the public has grown naturally. They have changed their active careers to do so by launching I Am essential oils and to be suppliers of natural essential oils and supplements from 2017.

Health is the greatest wealth a person can possess and everyone has the right to know the gifts in nature which the Creator has designed. They provide access to holistic products and are a hub of the information on the benefits of indigenous plants which has been around for centuries. Through passing products and information forward, they empower and keep traditional indigenous truths alive. Since essential oils are high concentrations of plant essence, part of the information they share is for becoming familiar with how to safely use the Creator’s gifts.

I Am Essential Oils praises and joins with all natural plant providers who have increased the awareness and access of essential oils and supplements to the public.  They also demand their excellence.

I Am Essential Oils is a stand for bringing nature and customers closer together. They pursue ecology in its natural habitat and native region, and demand that customers  have access to unadulterated oils. They also pursue land stewards over middle men to narrow the cost of top therapeutic essential oils and supplements.

I AM Logo

The founders created their logo as a reminder to reach for the source of all life similar to how the Asteraceae varieties have been reaching to the sun since the beginning of their evolution. The early species where thought to look more like the rudbeckia fulgida of the midwest where many native american tribes resided.

They were gathered by the Dakota, Cherokee, Paiute, Hidatsa, Hopi, Zuni and Navajo tribes for food and medicine as early as 3,000 BC. Research suggests that these plants were possibly harvested before corn. Cherokee and other Nations used asteraceae varieties for cures, purple dye in clothing and body paints. Their stalks were integrated into their building materials and their seeds where cherished for gatherings.

The ancient helianthus annuus tribe of the asteraceae family has its origins in North America. The Spanish explorers of North America took indigenous plants back with them to Europe for use as an ornamental around 1500’s. The plant’s original qualities were forgotten and a new hybrid was created which came to be known as the sunflower. Even Van Gogh painted many sunflower portraits in France circa 1888.

This new plant’s oil use was ultimately popularized in the cooking industry because it was not on the Lent prohibited list.  Over time it made its way to Russia where growers changed the hybrid to produce 50% more oil yield. That hybrid has now made its way full circle, back to the United States. It’s Latin name helianthus, stems from Greek helios ‘sun’ + anthos ‘flower’.